Thursday, 7 September 2017


Do you have siblings? I do and some of them are fine but the others drive me CRAZY!!!
One day I was getting ready to go to school and dad shouted “we're going in 1 minute” so I ran to the car because I knew my sisters would want to go in the front. I Lucky I got there first but after it was 1 minute one of my rivals came knocking on the window shouting “GET OUT OF THE FRONT SEAT NOW!!!” “no” “ohh you're going to pay for this so badly” “ok”. Then after that little fight of ours I turned on the radio and started singing I am titanium... o anyway.

Other scenario it pushing the elevator buttons, I know right it's like the silliest things kids fight about. One day mum said “girls were going to the mall so get ready to go in five minutes” so we got ready jumped in the car and started driving. When we got there I saw the most AMAZING THING IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!! An elevator I know right AMAZING, and do you know what was more AMAZING it had buttons on it and I just had to push it I just had to but I new someone else In my family would want to push it but NO that’s not going to happen you'll see. She looks at me I look back eye to eye It was just like a steering contest for me RUN!!! I'm sprinting my heart out wanting to push the button then I thought of a great idea, I would accidentally trip my sister and make her fall. So I did it, and it worked my excellent idea worked. I was so proud of myself and I was so happy to push the button ohh but don't worry she was ok she only had a little bruise.

My next scenario is when your parents say “hey kids come and decide what's out want for takeouts”. I say “can we have fish and chips” “sure” “no can we have souvlaki”, “no we're having fish and chips”, “no we're not”. DAD!!! “What”, “I want souvlaki ” “but I want fish and chips and we are going to have fish and chips” “but” GIRLS STOP FIGHTING!!! “now we need to vote on this together” “but” “ no buts” “so as I was saying let's vote, hands up if you want souvlaki . Ok so that's 3 now put your hand if you want fish and chips, oh well that's only 1 so I guess it's souvlaki hen” so you guys see what I mean kids fight over the most silliest things. I bet some of you in this very room fight with your siblings as bad as I do but and again life isn't fear but if you really want something fight for it and don't give up.


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