Monday, 10 April 2017

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizen          
A responsible citizen is someone who it nice to others.
If you aren't nice to people and you be mean, you will make them cry and make them feel bad. Lily - grace is a good example of a good citizen because whenever I see her she is always helping people and wanting to help.

Be a role model
If you do something wrong and don't follow the rules, little and big people will copy you and it will turn out badly.  For example Zoe will do the right thing by saying “don't run around corners because charlotte has weak bones and they can easily break”. By explaining to other students why it is important, they are more likely to stop doing it.

Speak up for others
If someone is in a fight and they're getting hurt, you go and stop it. Anika will make them feel better, by standing up for them and giving them a bear hug and offering them to play with her.

Include others
If some people play a game and don't let you join in, then you stick up for them. An example of this is Rachael who will include others by talking to them and say “let them play”. If they don't, she will say “come on, let's go you can play with me”.

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