Sunday, 11 December 2016

Fat Giraffe Girl

Fat Giraffe Girl is bald and so fat.  She's really tall and she walks  high and proud.  She wears dark shady clothes. When she speaks she moves her hands. She's very loud. She's as fat as a giant marshmallow because she has eaten too many pies. Her teeth are like yellow corn. She has little bits of hair sticking out of her bald scalp. Her skin is bright orange. 

She loves doing yoga and gymnastics but she is terrible at both of them. She lives in a really awesome treehouse. She really likes black, she won't wear any other colours except for black because it looks too fruity. She makes delicious food that smells really good and tastes really good. When she's in front of a crowd she starts doing yoga tricks and gymnastics skills. She stuffs her face with food and she slouches on the couch all the time.

She says “Shut up” and “Sure” a lot. She is very loud but really happy. She has a really annoying american voice.
Her skin is the colour of orange juice. She talks to her friends very loudly.

She has two friends and one of them is called Tree Girl (Tiffany) and the other one is called Noodle Girl ( Ella ) . When she's around them she feels comfortable talking and hanging out with them. Her friends describe her as crazy, funny, happy, kind, awesome and cool.  Her home is fresh, peaceful and really fun to play in. She has a really cute toy bunny which she never lets go of.  She really likes the colour black because it's her favourite colour .

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