Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Discovery reflection

The activities I enjoyed was box construction, gymnastics, craft and baking. Anika, Kate and I made fudge and the challenge for us was making the fudge not stick to the side of the pot. I have overcome these challenges by working things out and bringing the right ingredients. The skill I learnt was how to take the pot off the hot plate. I carefully lifted it with the handle and put it down to cool.

The things that were hard for me was taking time 
to work things out and planning ahead. I overcame 
these challenges by working things out with my 
friends and writing it in my ipad. I was good at including others because when my friend Anika wanted to join 
Kate and I  and I said yes. Another thing I was good
at was making decisions because we said we 
should make fudge so we looked it up and found
a recipe.  I was also good at sharing because we 
shared the ingredients. I feel great about the way
I gave it a go in discovery and next time I am going to try 
more things.

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