Sunday, 7 August 2016

Waking up

My eyes were blinking as hard as they could. I could hear the birds chirping and singing a beautiful tune. I noticed all the beautiful things I'd made at Waimairi  school over time. I continued to lie in bed thinking about what I was going to do at school today because it was my first day back after the holidays. My tummy has lots of butterflies in it. My mind was thinking ‘What is this feeling?’ I told myself it's just because I'm afraid to go back to school because it's my first day back at school.

Walking down the stairs the delicious smell of breakfast made me hungry. As I made my toast my other sisters we're making lunch. After my breakfast I got ready and rushed in the car.

In the car my mum asked Darcy “Do you want the Wiggles on?” “What?” I thought to myself “I have to listen to the Wiggles for an hour! …. Grrr” 
When we finally got to school I said “Bye Mum” and ran as fast as I could to escape the Wiggles.

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