Sunday, 14 February 2016

The story behind my name

My name is Sophie.   I am going to tell you  the story behind my name. My mum and dad picked my name. I have a half sister called Sophie and my name is Sophie too.   If my mum said Sophie we both say yes mum which would can be tricky for all of us.  

I have a nickname called Fifi.  It is is easier if my family call  me Fifi not 
Sophie.  I was going to be called Max or Charlie if I was a boy.  My middle name is my granny’s name, Christine.  My middle name is a special because it connects me to my granny


  1. Your writing was great because you had detail about everything you said and explained it

  2. Great writing Sophie my grandmas name is Christine to

  3. That is great writing Sophie
    I love your blog because it has great language I can't wait to see you next writing

  4. well do fifi it a good idear and a really good story.